First Dog Sweater Lottery Winner


Hi everyone, My name is Ivan and I'm the owner at My Dog Sweater, the only place on the Internet where you can send measurement to get a perfect sweater for your dog.

You might know that there is no standard size chart for dog clothing. We have small dogs, large dogs, we have dogs with short back, or very long back. That's why manufacturers have to come up with their own size chart, or borrow one from others.

We decided to make dog sweaters according to measurements you send us because our dogs love us. They make us happy when we are sad, they keep us company, they trust us and we love them. At My Dog Sweater, we believe that dogs deserve to wear the sweaters they feel comfortable in.

I'm not gonna talk more about the company because I know that you're all waiting to see who will be the lucky winner of this beautiful crochet handmade dog sweater, but I wanna tell you that we will have more gifts in the future, so follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and stay tuned.

This sweater is our special gift to you and we will not offer it in our catalog, so whoever gets it will be the only person in the world who have it. The material is cotton, so this sweater is not very warm, it's not really suitable for cold winter days, it's more suitable for warm weather.

OK now, let's proceed with drawing! We have 24 entries from United States. You can see all the names here on these papers. Please take your time to pause and find your name. We have this bag where we are gonna put your names, shake it a little bit and, the lucky winner is....

Joyce Ritchie!

Congratulations Joyce! We hope your dog is gonna enjoy this sweater from!