Crocheted Dog Sweaters


Here at My Dog Sweater we love to explore new possibilities and find new ways to make our customers happy! The feedback received on our custom sized hand-knitted dog sweaters was very positive, which makes us very happy, and gives us an additional boost to work even harder!
We are listening to you!
That's why we started exploring the idea of crocheted dog jumpers. Our hand-knitted dog sweaters are great for cold weather, but what about the hot days? That's why we decided to expand our line of products to something more suitable for warm summer months. We are currently developing a line of crocheted dog sweaters. Since they have to be airy and light, as a material we chose cotton. For dogs with thin coats cotton can serve as a protective layer between the skin and sun. We are also planning on including bamboo fiber as an option for these jumpers, bamboo is well known by it's cooling effect and antimicrobial properties.