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About My Dog Sweater

Do you love your dog? Do you feel like you've checked all the stores in the world and you were not able to find a sweater that truly fits your dog? Well, you don't have to look any further! Welcome to My Dog Sweater - the only place one the Internet where you can get a handmade, custom sized sweater that fits your dog perfectly! 

My Dog Sweater is a happy place where beautiful ideas and love for dogs merge into unique handmade products. It is a place that helps dog parents find a perfect handmade sweater for their dogs, and a place that helps retired women who love knitting support a better lifestyle.

Dogs come in very different sizes and body shapes, and there is no standardized chart system to trully cover all of them. Also, you might find a sweater that fits your dog well, but you might not like the material, or the color. That's why at My Dog Sweater, we listen, and make your dreams come true. You tell us what kind of a sweater you want, and women who love knitting for dogs will transform your idea into reality.

Women who knit our dog sweaters are retired women who knit because they love it. They were doing it all their lives for their children, grandchildren, and dogs. Many of us know the look in our grandma's eyes when we put on the sweater they made. We are helping these grandmas enjoying their life more by doing what they like the most. We appreciate their time and effort, and that's why we share 50% of the profit with them.

Our handmade dog sweaters are made of high quality yarn and lots of love, and we would like to encourage you to send us pictures of your dogs in our sweaters. It would make us, and our knitters really happy to see how our sweaters fit them. With your permission, we will post the pictures in our gallery.
We hope that you are going find a perfect handmade sweater for your dog here in our store. If you have any idea or suggestion, we will be happy to hear it. 


Meet our Knitters


We heard about the horrible floods that affected South-East Europe. In some cities, more than 50% of houses were completely under water for days, leaving people desperate and hopeless. The water flooded houses so fast people didn't even have time to save family photo albums and documents. We decided to contact women in these regions and ask them if they like to knit dog sweaters, and share profit with us.

We are a new company, and we are starting with these two women. We hope our company will grow to be able to help other retired women make their life more enjoyable.

Jagoda (pronounced Yagoda)

Retired nurse from Paracin, Serbia, whose home was flooded in May 2014. She loves knitting, crocheting, and embroidery. Most of her handcrafts were destroyed in the flood.

Jagoda - My Dog Sweater Knitter

Milica (pronounced Militsa)

Retired textile worker from Paracin, Serbia. Her home was under water for days in May 2014. She has also lost almost all of her handcrafts in the flood. 

Milica - My Dog Sweater Knitter